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 [My Way] is primarily founded by the crew leader, Xavier (Naztradamix), while growing up in his High School years. Yet little did he and his friends know they would be remembered for the famous internet meme and youtube celeb status years to come. In November of 2005, Xavier and his partner Randy Hayes spent an evening at Xavier's room. In a moment of boredom, Xavier suggested doing a voice over for a video to kill the time and laugh. Randy agreed and thus that night "THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH!" was born but not introduced to the online community till FEB. 14 2006. Since then the video grew in numbers and so did the fans. Other follow-ups came along including J2: Judgment Day and J3: Shadow of the Colussi, all including the continuing members of Eddie (Scooby) and Sonny Benitez. The Internet meme grew soo large that Bret Ratner made a wink to the fans and My Way by adding the line into the X3 movie. The end of 2006 brought a dark cloud as Youtube removed Naztradamix's account due to Marvel claiming copyright. Tho products purely fanmade the crew lost their viewer and subscriptions, losing their high rankings in the youtube community. It was a depressing time for the crew and fans yet later that year MY WAY returned and sought out to focus on other series besides their "Parody" videos. Now MY WAY is known for their funny short sketches, video blogs, and Ask [My Way] series in which the fans get the chance to ask the crew anything they like creating great moments of discussions. With the addition of Elpidio "[LP]" Rivera, Josue Vega, and Carol Vega, My Way are showing signs in numbers and creativity. Known as [MyWay], The Juggernaut guys, and The Jello Crew, today they begin a new era known as [mWe]: The Cyber Goonz. Who knows what is ahead for this group of young talents.

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